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Australia - Types Of Visas


It is one of the few Countries in the World which welcomes skilled and qualified professional immigrants as well as students with aspirations for a better life. The economy of Australia has withstood the financial turmoil of recent past on the strength of its abundant natural resources. There are opportunities in this beautiful land for everyone to learn & grow and, to live a safe, healthy and meaningful life.

Types Of Visas

Australia is among the most sought after destinations for getting World class education at a reasonable cost. There are numerous exciting options available to international students which are tailored to improve their skills and to equip them for the challenges of future. The students enjoy the pleasant weather and a vibrant and thrilling life in Australia.

We suggest the best courses and institutions to match the Student’s educational background and future plans. We can provide admission support and guidance ranging from School to University level.

Avante Immigration has arranged with Bupa Australia Pty Limited for providing Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

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Australia is a vast and beautiful Country and it is a must-see for all type of travellers- from the adventurous to the laid-back one. You can visit golden beaches, explore Great Barrier Reef, Self-drive on the Great Ocean Road, see wildlife unique to the Country in various nature parks, and soak in the vibrant and easy going life of its Cities.

We can provide visa support from individuals travelling to meet their family and friends, to the intrepid traveller.

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Australia needs migrants to meet the shortage of its skilled manpower. It is one of the few developed economies which have escaped the downturn in global economic crisis. Australia is also a welfare State- providing free medicare & school education, and child- support grants to eligible migrants.

Skilled migration is a vast field. An applicant’s chances are viewed through parameters of Skilled Occupation List; Consolidated Skilled Occupation List; Numerous ANZSCO Codes and their specific assessment agencies; and, State and Territory-wise nominated occupation lists. It is one of the most dynamic visa type and we spend a lot of time weighing options available to the applicants.

We understand that the clients who come for skilled migration advice are expert in their area and actively involve them in choosing the right pathway for their set of skills.

The assessment of eligibility is free and our fees are taken in installments over the complete migration process.

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In case you have been a resident or citizen of Australia in the past then we could help you and your secondary applicants gain entry to Australia again. The permanent migrants settled in Australia would also need an RRV to travel out of Australia and return after the end of 5 years of their PR.

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These Visas help people with background and skills in business to utilize their experience in the dynamic and exciting business environment of Australia and, getting a permanent residence for them and their family in the bargain, over a period of time.

There is a visa for people with money to spare (5 million Australian Dollars) to move their funds to Australia and get exemption from the criteria of age and English language. They can enjoy returns on their well-earned funds and settle in Australia under relaxed residency norms.

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Australia allows migrants including students to bring their partners to the Country. The partner applications should meet specific criteria defining the relationship.

We understand the difficulty of living in different countries for partners and are deeply conscious of our responsibility to help them to get together in Australia. We take extra care to ensure that the criteria defining the relationship are met and the circumstances of each case are explained in a logical manner in the application.

In cases where the Australian partner is a Citizen or Permanent Resident, we would be there with them till gaining of a permanent visa of the migrating partner over the two years' process.

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There are numerous visa subclasses for family members like Parent, Aged Parent, Contributory Parent, Child, Adoption, Dependent Child, Orphan Relative, Aged Dependent Relative, Remaining Relative, Prospective Marriage etc. We provide the clients with all the pros and cons to help them understand what would suit their individual conditions better.

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There are more than 50 active Visa subclasses and in case you need help with Bridging, Carer, Medical or any other Visa, please feel free to contact us.

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Appeal to Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Minister of Immigration
We can provide a thoroughly researched and legally tenable appeal for the cases eligible for Review. Every case is subjected to the rigour of applicable law and regulations and the valid cases are presented based upon the thorough research.

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