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Our Mission


To be known as an ethical and fair Immigration Agency which does not just look at its clients as fee-paying monetary units but, rather as fellow human beings who dream of making a difference to their lives and to the lives of their loved ones. We understand our responsibility towards our enterprising clients and know that the decision to move to a new Country and Culture with all its related challenges is not an easy one.

We believe in being completely transparent and honest with our clients so even if they find comfort in false hope given by others, we are content in the knowledge that we have not misled someone by wasting their time and money. Avante Immigration would always provide advice based upon the latest changes in Immigration Laws and processes and would adhere to the Code of Conduct mandated by Migration Agents’ Registration Authority, Australia (MARA) or Immigration Advisers Authority, New Zealand (IAA) - as applicable - in letter, and in spirit.